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Company Profile

Bridgepower Corp., is one of the global leading switching power supply
manufacturer in Korea.
Established in 1987, it gained ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification.
Our product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies (ITE grade as well as
medical grade), POE, LED driver and battery chargers.

"Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction" are the central goals of
our company.
In order to provide superior products to our valuable customers, every
product in bridgepower is the result of rigid procedures governing design,
design verification test (DVT), design quality test (DQT), component selection,
pilot-run production, and mass production.

Our former brand (AULT), for the last more than 50 years, it has been the
premier brand for external power supplies. The brand represents the most
robust line available in external power from 6 watts to 250 watts.
The product line includes its top selling switch-mode power supplies that are
available in desktop or wall mount models, linear power supplies,transformers,
battery chargers.

Our products are sold across a range of electronic market segments including
medical, data communications, computer/computer peripherals and industrial.

We have a two different factory located in Korea and China with 600 employees.
And, both location has gained ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification.

our mission is, "To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions
for a better tomorrow and for customer satisfaction." Bridgepower is committed
to environmental protection and has implemented green, lead-free production
and waste management programs for many years.

We will continue to provide best services to our valuable customers with
good quality of product.

BridgePower Corporation

President Mr.Heekwon Eun